the block sat dec 12th

15 Dec
“brand new music from electric wire hustle, mark pritchard, fudge fingers, joy orbison, mike slott, plus an interview with tamil rogeon from the raah project, check it!”



mayer hawthorn – green eyed love (waajeed remix)
mayer hawthorn – the ills
electric wire hustle – they don’t want
barrabas – wild safari
mr. chop – striaghten it out
guilty simpson – coroners music
willie isz – the grussle (l.v. remix)
blackmilk – bond 4 life
shuanise – alailoye
mark pritchard – heavy as stone
zed bias – neighbourhood 09 (roska remix)
tokimonsta – let me trick u
brother jack mcduff/j dilla – oblighetto
fudge fingers – situation diminished
bibio – lovers carvings (letherette remix)


joy orbison – brkln ccln
doom meets clutchy hopkins – air
sly king – why don’t you take us
mucho plus – nassau’s disco
mike slott – 6 am
deviant – shoes

***interview with tamil rogeon from the raah project***

the raah project – will you be there
the raah project – do ryan
the raah project – prelude 1
the raah project – swing on her shoes movement 2
the raah project – trick of the light
the raah project – of all your things

voice – blaze

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