The Block With Peter Curtin on SPIN South West: Saturday January 31st

1 Feb


On tonight’s show Peter has new music from the Mild High Club, Beat Spacek, Emanative, Kaytranada, Monto, Aphex Twin and Oliver Lake. The album of the week is ‘Down To Earth Vol. 2’ from Ras G and Danny G from the Irish neo-soul group the Major 7th’s is our special guest!

Hour 1

Hour 2



Universal Togetherness Band – Saturday Night [Numero]

Kaytranada ft. Vic Mensa – Drive Me Crazy [XL]

Beat Spacek – Gotta Get Some Music [Ninja Tune]

Monto – Triton [Fly High Society]

Ras G – Love & Peace [Leaving Records]

Ras G – Waiting In Vain [Leaving Records]

Ras G – Polo Jacket & Dashiki [Leaving Records]

Malkovich – Kenyatta [Self]

Guts – We Are All Africans [Heavenly Sweetness]

Buyepongo – Mulatu Para Ti [Soul Fiesta]

Henry Wu ft. Mo Kolours – Expensive Ghetto [Hotep]

Percussions – KHLKL [Text]

Morgan Buckley – Innercity Hum [Rush Hour]

Cid Rim – Nu [LuckyMe]

Eagle Nebula – The Nebulizer [Self]

Nick Klein – Paralyzed [Self]


Lapalux ft. Szjerdene – Closure [Brainfeeder]

Mild High Club – Weeping Willow [Stones Throw]

Coultrain – The Reintroduction [Fresh Selects]

Aphex Twin – Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [sn2mix] [Warp]

Mark Ronson ft. Andrew Wyatt – Crack In Pearl [Sony]

The Breathing Effect – Baba Yaya [Alpha Pup]

Haioka, Laura J. Martin, Summer, Plasma Ruby, King Bruce, Cat500, Joe Wills & Ryu Kawashima – Tokyo Is Calling [Red Bull Music]

***Danny Groenland in Conversation***

Danny G & The Major 7ths – Being With You [Hipdrop]

Danny G & The Major 7ths – Sweet Lies [Hipdrop]

Danny G & The Major 7ths – Just Go Away [Hipdrop]

Danny G & The Major 7ths – Never Trust Your Heart [Hipdrop]

Danny G & The Major 7ths – Be With You [Hipdrop]

Danny G & The Major 7ths – Only Me [Hipdrop]

Flako – Albedo [Five Easy Pieces]

JMSN – Price [Self]

Fulgeance & DJ Scientist – All Equal [First Word]

Oliver Lake – 6 & 3 [Passin’ Thru]


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